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Quinboards Buck Spencer Review


Quinboards is one of those bands that doesn’t like to be put in a box. They find it hard to concentrate…they can’t think in there. You know…inside the box. The one they were put in. You could even say they would prefer thinking OUTSIDE the box…Ay?…Ay? Know what I mean? Outside the box? Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Say no more? …Ah? Nudge, nudge. Snap, snap. Wiggle, wiggle. Say no more? Oh never mind… You’re a fucking square, like a box. omg, I just did it again! I’m on a roll. I’m literally rolling. That would never happen inside a box. You know, because they’re square. They can’t roll. Unlike the guys at Quinboards…they aren’t in a box, so they roll smooth as hell. Just like their boards do. Bam! Segue back to skating. You didn’t think I could do it but I did…we’re back to the review, no digression needed, just came right back around. You could almost say: We came full circle! Unlike a box, you know…becau-FUCK! I did it again. Let’s just move on…

Bowl Riding:
Let’s keep this obnoxious asshole vibe rolling with a discipline I probably shouldn’t have even tried on this board: Bowl Riding. It’s actually surprisingly decent at it. Your not going to be rocking to fakie very easily, and tranny/vert are not the best on this deck, but anything fluid, fast and with an embankment is actually really fun. Basically, while it’s not a trick or park board by any means, it provides a lot more control and versatility than its clunkier downhill brethren. It’s extremely stiff, and pretty thick and beefy as well. So it definitely seems like one of those crazy stable behemoths since it provides the stability and confidence of those tanks…just not the weight and lack of maneuverability you’d expect to go with it. Since, in reality, the ash and carbon fiber construction makes this a surprisingly light and nimble ride. You know what’s even more fun though? Realizing you’re on a board that kills it both in a bowl and on the hill…and taking it to where they combine those two things: Kona Skatepark. Oh fuck yea! Do yourself a favor and try this board in a snake run.

Let’s tighten the reigns a bit and get back to this boards true calling… It’s a downhill machine. Hence the name: Buck Spencer. I’m not certain…but I think it’s both a reference to this being a collaboration with Buck Longboards and the manly Italian actor Bud Spencer (he’s like a European Chuck Norris…which is why they can definitely name their next colab Buck Norris if they like, compliments of the twisted minds here at TLC). Though they could have called this Little Bunny Fufu and it would have still been a beast…there’s just no ignoring the construction and design. Of coarse, there’s the beefy yet lightweight feel which is a nice compromise not to have to make, but just the concave is really thought out. There are wheel flares in the front that provide leverage and lock you in no matter how you angle your front foot, much less limiting than a drop would be. The back however, does have a really nice drop that makes a perfect place to wedge your foot against when tucking. There’s a lot more to it than that…but let’s expand on the concave in the freeride section.


Continuing on with the concave… There’s also a really unique asymmetrical rocker (Yes, it gets more unique than a half-droped deck). It’s higher in the front and lower in the back just before the drop. This makes it to where the standing platform is angled backwards slightly and leaning your weight forward feels more like your leveling yourself out than pushing your balance forward. This helps negate that “about to flip over your handlebars” feeling you get from some decks. There’s no easy way to explain it really… It just feels very natural and secure. This coupled with how the asym rocker hammocks your back foot, and the drop/deep tub concave making it feel almost like it’s strapped in…you really have an insane amount of control over the back of the board, even with very little pressure applied to your back foot. The entire design really encourages good form and makes it feel really natural not just taking this board sideways, but doing it correctly. If the term flatspot/oval resistant could ever be used to describe a deck…this would be it.

Parking Garage Pump:
So, full disclosure…not everyone loved the asym rocker. It won us over by a huge majority, but everyone is different. The good news is, you can remove the asym rocker next by using about a 1″ riser on just the back truck. I took it a little further myself and used a 6* angled riser. Using a relatively high degree truck and dewedging only the back gave the board a nice 47/41 split and raised the back of the board just enough to level out the standing platform. The rocker is gone and the drop feels a little more aggressive. It’s a great option for those who like the unique concave but don’t want rocker. Plus, the more vertical feeling drop keeps your stance consistent and locks your back foot in for a really solid pivot point while the flares in the front give you great leverage for pumping. It’s not exactly made for any cross country style LDP, but if you want an extremely fun garage bomber with enough pump to get you through the flats…this board will probably help you win some garage races.

So there you have it, the Buck Spencer! Yea, I know…even the non-downhill sections have been kind of about downhill. I just find it interesting that Quinboards put so much thought and effort into making a great downhill board that it ended up exceeding their expectations a bit. They weren’t aiming for a versatile deck…but there’s so much overlap that in perfecting it’s downhill features they inadvertently covered a few other disciplines as well. For more info on Quinboards check out their Facebook page and give them a like.

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