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Wheelrz 85a Diablos Review


First Impressions:
Wheelrz Diablos are a fun looking wheel. They’re this bright redish-orange with pitchforks and a crazy font that seems like carelessly scribbled demonic script. The whole thing looks like what you’d imagine Skatan might doodle in his notebook while spacing out in ethics class. As for the urethane itself, I like the color a lot. I’m always a fan of the obnoxious highlighter wheels that will never match anything…it helps quiet the little voice in your head that actually cares about dumb shit like that, and usually leaves great looking thane lines. The one misstep in the graphics is that the “D” in Diablo looks a lot like a sideways “A”. Maybe it’s my dyslexia, but that isn’t the best when trying to read a rotating text.

Riding Experience:
Diablos are unique in that they are one of very few wheels where a stone ground finish really does equate to a nice slide right out of the wrap. Most wheels that slide well immediately do so because they just break in that quick…can’t exactly credit the finish for that. However, Diablos are a slow wearing wheel and do take a while to really break in. Before they do, the slide is a little icy, but the release and hookup is really defined. Great for techy shit and quick 180s. As they slowly break in they start to sink into the pavement, gradually providing more resistance and in turn, more control. It’s funny, because they wear so little and the break-in period is so long, I imagine it would almost perfectly coincide with the learning curve of a beginner skater. Effortless 180s out of the package, and more lean and control as you start to go faster and hold out bigger slides. For this reason, they definitely seem perfect for anyone who’s learning how to slide. Even an expert who’s trying to kick that cheat wheel habbit will appreciate being eased out of the ice.


My assumption about the thane lines was dead wrong. After they’ve broken in a bit, they’ll leave faint lines on a hot day…but for the most part, they don’t really leave discernable marks. Of coarse, this is just the 85a…so I can’t really comment on the wear patterns of the 80a.

Final Thoughts:
At the end of the day, Diablos are a great wheel with a very unique feel. If you’re learning to slide then I can recommend them, sight-unseen, and feel pretty confident that I hooked you up…I don’t even have to know you. Even if your an experienced skater who’s working on that steeze lean… They’re going to gradually provide more resistance as you grow more confident on them, letting you get more and more horizontal. They feel like a buttery cheat wheel (which I find are almost always chalky) only with a bit less “cheat”. Making them seem like one of those “love them or hate them” wheels…but you’ll never know which one you are until you try.

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