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Remember Peewee Review


So I’ve been tasked with reviewing an already very popular wheel: the Peewee. You’d think the fact that people already like it would make my job easier…but reviews aren’t supposed to be sales pitches, they’re supposed to be an accurate account of your experiences with a product. So it’s actually quite a challenge because pretty much everyone already has their own preconceived notions about Remember.

So, how do you keep a review on an over-hyped wheel interesting? Well I’m glad you asked! You try shit no one else is taking about, and if need be, include a few “unpopular opinions”. Basically, what in saying is: strap in boys and girls, because this hype train is on its way to get schooled! Which I guess makes it a hype bus…except you can’t strap in on a school bus, they have no seatbelts. Isn’t that fucking dangerous? What were they even thinking designing it that way? Hype death trap is more like it! Ok, this metaphor might be getting a little strained. Let’s move on…

The first thing I noticed about Peewees was that, for such small freeride wheels, they were dense and surprisingly heavy. Of course, a 62mm wheel can only be so heavy, especially to us longboarders. Though some of my more discerning skateboarder friends mentioned they’re much more of a park wheel than a street one. I also noticed they gained and even held speed pretty well on smooth surfaces…and had a much better grip than I expected.

Peewees, grippy?! Ok, key me explain…Unlike hard wheels (which I’ve heard them compared to) Peewees have a much more defined release point. It’s very early, but unmistakably present. They’re also extremely sensitive to things like weight placement and setup. So throw them on narrow hangars, keep your weight even and in non-downhill settings (especially concrete) they can be made to grip extremely well. Add that to the smooth roll of a soft wheel and speed/acceleration that matches or beats a lot of my favorite skateboard wheels, and these actually excel on a park set-up.


Next, I slid them. I know what you’re thinking: this guy just called Peewees grippy! He’s out of his freaking mind! Well…yes, I am, but that doesn’t make me wrong. That was just a very specific scenario. If you are instead, on a downhill setup, going a bit faster…compared to your average freeride wheel they are in fact, ice. However, being that they’re such a sensitive wheel, you can really fine tune it to be surprisingly easy to control.

Peewees are a reactive wheel. weight them and the soft urethane hugs the ground providing pretty good resistance. Deweight them and the high rebound urethane snaps out of the pavement very quickly and glides over the ground almost as easy as they roll. So rotations are very easy on pretty much any setup (hence they’re reputation as a putt wheel). Again, the release is naturally abrupt and slides pretty icy…but a good setup can completely change how this wheel feels.

Use the same setup we had earlier for park (small wb, narrow hangars, even TKPs is you’re into that) and rotations are quick and snappy…it’s almost hard to stop yourself at 180 with the momentum you spins will have. Long slides will be sketch and it’ll be a while before you learn not to ice out…but short checks on this setup is the most you’ll ever kill speed on peewees, so that’s a good thing to know.

Now, if you want to go bigger and start to tame the ice, I seriously recommend wider hangars. That’s the biggest thing…it’ll mellow out your release and make it much smoother and controlled. Even slightly later, meaning you will already be leaning a good amount and the icyness won’t really take you by surprise. I know that seems backwards…but when something breaks out and you aren’t leaning enough yet, your first reaction is to overcompensate straight onto your face. Having a nice steeze already prepared is the best way to go.

A step further would be low degree trucks and/or a longer wheel-base. The more lean you have than turn the sooner in your carve you can initiate slides, and the farther you are from 90° the less likely it is that these wheels will get away from you and either ice out or whip you into an unwanted 180.

Granted…this is all relative. Frankly, I prefer throwing these bad boys on a hybrid and teching out a bit…and if I wanted long smooth slides I’d lean hard on wheels with better resistance. You don’t have to build an entire setup around peewees, It’s easier to control and frankly a gravity defying gangster lean just looks cooler to me. Though if you want to 540 blunt shuvout or whatever magic you putters are doing now…these are the wheels to get!

Remember might not have been confident enough in their product to allow me to review them…but the guys at Legit Boardshop sure were! Check out the many colors of peewees available in the online shop here.

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